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About Us

Caregiver Bliss was born out of personal experience and a deep understanding of the unique demands and rewards of elderly family caregiving. Our founder, Jennifer Ann, witnessed firsthand the dedication and sacrifices made by family caregivers when caring for their aging parents.

Jennifer's mother had been a caregiver for her parents, in-laws, and husband for more than thirty years, while also working as a home health care provider, specializing in caring for individuals with Alzheimer's disease. Over the past ten years, Jennifer has taken on the role of caring for her mother. Her personal caregiving experience has spanned various situations, including providing long-distance care, caring for her loved one in their own home, supporting independent living, and navigating assisted living arrangements.

Inspired by the resilience and the need for greater support for family caregivers, Jennifer embarked on a mission to create a space where caregivers could find the guidance and empowerment they deserve.

Jennifer Feinberg, Founder of Caregiver Bliss


“Caregiver Bliss was created to be a guiding light of support for elderly family caregivers.”

-- Jennifer Ann, Founder


At Caregiver Bliss, empowering family caregivers starts with providing them with the right tools and information. Our platform offers a wealth of resources to address the diverse needs of caregivers. From practical tips on managing daily caregiving tasks to navigating complex healthcare systems, we strive to equip caregivers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and provide the best care possible.

We also deeply understand and appreciate the invaluable role of family caregivers. These remarkable individuals selflessly dedicate their lives to caring for their elderly family members with chronic illnesses or disabilities, providing unwavering support in every aspect of their lives. Often, they find themselves juggling countless duties and making significant sacrifices.

At Caregiver Bliss, our mission is to empower and inspire caregivers through education and information. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those who selflessly care for others. We firmly believe that by equipping caregivers with the knowledge and resources they need, we can help them find balance, strength, and resilience in their caregiving journey.

Thank you for visiting Caregiver Bliss. Together, we can make a profound impact and improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.

Additional Resources

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